Sophie's Angels 

The satisfaction of caring for a pet and helping an owner who loves their pet is the reward those of us in the veterinary field are lucky enough to experience on a daily basis. Our effort to share this satisfaction began in the last year when one of our clients generously offered to help a pet in need whose owner were unable to afford the immediate surgery for her. "Sophie" was surrendered to Fieldstone Veterinary Care in hopes she could find a better home that could provide the proper care needed. Sophie needed a "hemilaminectomy" for a chronic intervertebral disc herniation. Little Sophie was paralyzed and unable to walk and the more time wasted the harder her recovery. We reached out to "Thank Dog Rescue" who took her into their loving arms and helped support her surgery costs. Fundraisers were developed and Sophie had her surgery! Roughly 7 weeks post surgery she is able to run around without a wheelchair, and "zoom" in her new home. Thus was born our Sophie's Angels Registry and Fund.  By registering as a Sophie's Angels or donating to the fund, you too can make an important contribution to the health and welfare of pets in need and their owners who love them. You can help provide another option to those pet owners who see no light at the end of the tunnel but the unfortunate.

The Sophie's Angels Process

1. Donors register by filling out this form to indicate their willingness to give, and up to what amount they would like to provide, for a pet in need. Alternatively, you may donate directly to the Sophie's Angels Fund at our office so that your donation is available immediately.

2. We will confirm that your Sophie's Angels registration has been made and begin to look for a pet in need of attention. Which may take some time if thankfully no pet is currently in need of a helping hand. 

3. Once a match has been made, we will contact the registered donors to inform them of the match and confirm that they are still interested in giving. We will give anonymous details of the reason for the recipients need, and decide on how the donor would like to pay for the services to be provided.

4. We will then contact the owner of the pet in need and let them know that a Sophie's Angels has made it possible to care for their pet.

5. Following the completion of care, we will provide a full report to the donor of how the patient fared and how the donated funds were used. If you wish, we will make your identity known to the recipient so that they can thank you personally!

**Please note, your donation will be greatly appreciated by those pets and owners in need, but is not tax deductible.**


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Sophie--the inspiration for Sophie's Angels!
The inspiration for Sophie's Angels!
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